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Услуги многоязыкового перевода для вашего бизнеса


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Why us?

Принципы работы

Принципы работы

Наши переводы всегда отличного качества!

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Типы файлов

Типы файлов

Мы работает со всеми видами документов, перевод которых может потребоваться.

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Translation company

Это компания, которой можно доверять: мы выполняем профессиональный перевод веб-сайтов, технической документации и медицинских текстов. Мы занимаемся переводческой деятельностью с 1997 г. Наши переводы отличаются высоким качеством и доступными ценами. У нас работают квалифицированные специалисты, которые могут выполнить перевод на испанский, французский, немецкий, китайский, японский и многие другие языки — всего более 100 языковых комбинаций!


Информационный центр

  • January 9

    Looking for Spanish translations? How many countries speak Spanish?

    You’ve just landed on this page becase you may need Spanish translations for your business or organization. If so, please contact us using the form to the right. Spanish has the second largest number of native speakers i...

  • January 1

    Looking for English Vietnamese translators?

    “Do you have certified Vietnamese translators?”, “Can you provide professional Vietnamese translations?”, “I need to translate legal documents from English into Vietnamese” or “We have...

  • December 10

    Diglossia: a side-effect on translation

    Derived from the Greek word διγλωσσία, which is defined as bilinguality or bilingualism, diglossia is a linguistic phenomenon in which a language has two varieties often labeled as a high variety (“H”) and ...

  • October 30

    Arabic content on the internet: an unfilled gap

    Things to consider regarding Arabic content on the internet: Twenty two countries, four-hundred and twenty million speakers, two continents and one language. It may come as a surprise that there is a huge lack of Arabic content...

Блог pangeanic

  • November 30


    In today’s ever more globalized world, there is little doubt that language services (translation, interpretation, and localization) are playing an increasingly more important (if low-key) role. Professional translators an...

  • November 20

    AI is Already Influencing Translation as We Know It

    Is AI Already Influencing Translation? Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular, is unashamedly breaking the language barrier, transforming translation as we know it.  Global industry giant Amazon joined in ...

  • September 14

    4 Steps to Improve your Marketing Localization

    When planning marketing localization is important to know that 75% of non-English speakers prefer to shop for products in their native tongue, while 60% of non-English speakers will rarely visit a website that is written only ...

  • August 23

    Where are we at with Neural Machine Translation?

    Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is the new approach to machine translation. NMT works with an end-to-end architecture that aims to train all the components simultaneously to maximize its performance. The architecture takes int...


  • December 28

    New Researchers Program Hails R&D Landscape at Pangeanic

    Pangeanic’s “new researchers program“, designed to lead its new generation of Natural Language Processing products and services in a digital economy increasingly concerned with data security, management, priva...

  • December 5

    Pangeanic spreads awareness on EU commissioned project at Meet Central Europe

    Pangeanic participated at Meet Central Europe. We have long championed technological innovation and development. With our very own cloud-based translation technologies; Cor, Activa TM and our Neural Machine Translation and AI d...

  • November 27

    Europeana Multilingual Chatbot project

    On the 31st October, Pangeanic attended the first meeting with the Culture Chatbot – Europeana Multilingual Chatbot consortium, hosted at the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam. Europeana Multilingual Chatbot proves to...

  • November 26

    It is pain of field – a painful automated mistranslation

    A recent blunder committed by an automated translation engine was missed by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, publishing a press release on their website in which they translated “Dolores del Campo”, Spanish Ministr...