The growing popularity of machine translation services

With the growing popularity of digital content and customers’ expectations for quality translations in their own local language, translation companies experience a great deal of pressure from international businesses to localize content in order to gain optimum online presence. Human

12 tips for translators to provide quality translations

The best translation agencies require quality translations at the source to run efficient translation processes. This means reducing checking time after the delivery of a translation in which, for example, instructions have been ignored. These are 12 basic tips for translations to offer quality translations at the source.

The best time to translate a company website

Is it the best time to translate a company’s website, news, documents, reports, press releases? Well, looking at expert business advice, the time is NOW. But, why aren’t all companies doing it? The availability of fast translation services is no

3 Tips on translating a website and website localization

Translating a website and website localization are essential for companies, business and even individuals looking to market and sell their products (and increasingly services) in a shrinking world. There are hardly any “national markets” any longer, and the growing number

5 Useful Tips for Translation Buyers

Finding the right translation agency in which to trust your translations can be tricky sometimes. How do you find the right translation agency that fits your needs? This is a quick checklist of points to bear in mind when you

6 tips to get a terrible translation

Translators and clients could do a lot to improve communication. There many ways to improve the source material, the text you write and want translated. Here’s 6 tips to get a terrible translation

British firms look for German, French, Spanish language skills

Every day, many companies, businesses and firms look for German, French, Spanish language skills. Staff capable of speaking fluently any of those languages is better paid and highly appreciated by employers. Paradoxically, the UK’s education system is not promoting foreign

What is Translation Memory?

Translation memory is a feature of computer-assisted translation systems with aids the process of translation. Translation memory allows a translator to re-use any of the text segments that have been translated before. Translation memory serves as a database for translated

What is a Computer-Assisted Translation Tool (CAT)?

Using a computer-assisted translation tool, abbreviated as CAT, is a process which includes the use of software to aid individuals in translating. In case of time constraints, a computer-assisted translation tool can effectively reduce the translation time, enabling the translator

Why Raw Machine Translation Needs Post-Editing

One of the most challenging parts of machine translation is that of post-editing. Post-editing is occurs after the text has been translated via machine translation services. At Pangeanic. we are expers in customizing machine translation engines in your field to

Advantages of Using Good Translation Services

The world is shrinking. Barriers such as language, geographical distances and borders are now becoming less of a challenge when it comes to communication and interaction. To enable business and relationship building interactions to occur, businesses often employ the services