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Pangeanic has offered language solutions to major players in this market, as well as tool machine manufacturers. Our solutions encompassed technical personnel resident at plants during technical training sessions, motorbike/truck/car owner’s manuals, shop manuals, glossary compilation, press releases, market research translation and video training materials.

The automotive industry is historically responsible for the drive to standardization in many other supplier industries. It is a mature industry with established players, setting the trend and pace in many areas of the Economy – it is ahead of its time in many occasions. The need for automotive translation and localization has grown hand-in-hand with the need to reach wider and more global markets. Pangeanic offers years of experience in automotive translation, from user manuals to in-car software, even translation services for tool machine manufacturers to manufacture cars. We are familiar with all needs that accompany automotive translation, from corporate communications and marketing to highly technical document translation.

Technologies included:

  • Advanced translation recycling tools for fast document generation
  • Machine translation and post-editing (ttx, xliff, docx, with % percent TM leveraging)
  • Computer-assisted tools
  • Machine translation + human review and proof-reading
  • Voice overs for company video and product presentations
  • User manuals desktop publishing + final PDF

Pangeanic uses trained staff and external resources to provide post-editing of content that has been machine-translated. We can build optimized engines with your terminology and style banking in years of experience in translation automation. Our MT engines are trained with your material so that the output reflects your style and your company’s terminology. Machine translation (or automated translation) has proved to cut time-to-market in documentation and translation costs by up to 30% and more in some cases.

Standard processes in manufacture and translation

Because our MT engines within the automotive field are trained with terms, texts and expressions only refering to this field, they are not affected by noise coming from other language areas. Some of our best successes come from the application of this technology to translations in the automotive field for user manuals, workshop manuals, software and all types of car-related documentation.

Since automotive texts enjoy a high degree of predictability and regularity, MT output is at one of highest qualities and we are able to provide the same linguistic quality as it is expected and achieved by standard human translation. One key feature of our PangeaMT system is that it will recognize which parts have been pre-translated with your existing TMs (Translation Memories) and PangeaMT serves as a productivity tool only pre-translating those segments which below a certain threshold to reduce the total cost of translating. You can even choose at what percentage MT will be used. Thus, you are benefiting from the best of both worlds, using standard Translation Memory technology but also obtaining pre-translation fast and efficiently for human post-editing.

A view of the system, requesting translation of segments below 75% match Post-editing speeds can multiply by 2 or 3 usual human output. The productivity increases you can expect and the cost reductions achievable usually depend on several factors but MT has already proved to pay for itself very quickly (ROI). And do not forget that MT engine output quality also increases over time as engines are re-trained. You are in a win-win situation using machine translation in the automotive field because you are already dealing with a controlled language and a specific domain with lots of bitexts available.

Quality is never expensive… lack of quality will be!