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The publication and dissemination of content and professional translation services to achieve the greatest number of readers is critical when generating new information and content with potential users of your product or service who find you online. 

High quality translations reflect the professionalism of your business, this is key for the production of reliable content and your business’s presence within social media. The errors of a mistranslation can severely damage a corporate image.

The efficiency of correctly translated business news is relevant for any business, as all companies must send and receive reliable information in different languages. This is why a trustworthy translation service is essential. As a result of globalization, both large and small companies are required to communicate with their customers and business partners in different languages. For instance, while offering their products, describing their services, making announcements in other languages and outlining their advances and publications. The web is a huge market where a good channel of communication and translation into several languages greatly amplifies one’s geographical area of operation.

In the business world, the translation of business news has great value, as it keeps both the company and third parties informed. This indispensable element allows a company to communicate information effectively and keep its activities transparent. Likewise, translation services become essential too when there is a need for information on current events and updates on business markets, auctions and so on.

In Pangeanic you will find various news translation services for your company

  • Press Release Translation into EnglishFrench, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.
  • Translations of specialized press articles (newspapers, magazines) in any format.
  • Translations of internal and external communications
  • Translations of RSS news
  • An online management tool, which allows you and interact directly with our translators to streamline administrative processes and the processes of translation and revision
  • Our famous technological machine translation development, personalized and recognized worldwide for large amounts of translation.

Pangeanic is dually certified with European standard EN15038 translation quality and international management standard ISO9001.

Moreover, please remember specialist services like

  • Terminology: Our team of linguists generate a glossary specific to your business and guarantee the quality and consistency of terminology job after job.
  • CAT tools: Thanks to them we are able to generate translation “memories” after each project, allowing us to utilize this previously translated material in order to accelerate the translation process.

All our translation work undergoes thorough revision to ensure publication quality.

We also offer layout services in specialized formats such as InDesign or WordPress for publication on your website.