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Technical translations are a specialist field at Pangeanic.

As a professional translation company, we have been involved in technical translations in projects over months and years – even onsite turnkey projects for the automotive industry, tool machine suppliers, professional electronics, consumer electronics, chemistry, technical translation for power generation plants, etc. Our solid team of translation professionals builds on decades of translation project management experience. Pangeanic also offers specialist technical translation services for the pharmaceutical and medical trial industries, engineering, and software engineering including software testing.

Our translation service is reliable and certified. The company undergoes regular quality audits for processes and is independently certified by EQA for the European Translation Standard EN15038 and quality management standard ISO9001.

In order to guarantee an accurate technical translation, we recommend trusting our translation project management team to take care of your needs. Either our Premium translation service or our Standard translation service will help you obtain quality translations according to your budget. Working together with one of our specialists means that you will save time and money by setting up translation memories with your own terminology. This means that your company style will be carried forward time and time again – no matter what your product application or development is.

Using a stringent human resources policy, only tested linguists with relevant experience in your field will be used for your translations. Each translation is checked for compliance to your terminology and corrected. A dialogue and feedback between the translator and the quality checker No material is provided to you without revision. Pangeanic’s translation service is reliable and certified. The company undergoes regular quality audits as part of its independently certified Quality Assurance Policy. Pangeanic holds the European Translation Standard EN15038 and Quality Management Standard ISO9001. Our translation services can handle even the most challenging formats, from translation of software files to app translation, desktop publishing in many formats for professional printing, etc.

Technical Translation Fields

Engineering translations
Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation & control, software, HR, Quality Assurance, electronics, systems integration, civil engineering…

Pangeanic’s staff have been chosen time and time again as the reliable solution that can put together technical knowledge with translation tools to guarantee reliable versions that will make sense to the target audience.

Major projects include:

  • car engine plants
  • multi-million tool machine projects in Mexico and Spain (with on-site training programs)
  • printing machinery
  • textile machinery
  • control hardware and software
  • industrial washers
  • manufacturing
  • civil engineering works (descriptions, proposals, tender work)
  • electrical engineering
  • power generation
  • consumer & professional electronics
  • consumer and professional electronics have been one the company’s major strength for many years, from the popular audio systems in the 90’s, to the dawning of the DVD, professional CCTV systems for major brands, professional projectors, car navigators, MP3 players, MiniDiscs, radio sets, computer peripherals…

We have been involved in the production of user & technical manuals, set-up guides, pocket guides, technical guides, catalogues, and many web-related translations for major manufacturers, leading the introduction of computer-assisted tools, auto-desktop publishing and terminology standardization from the turn of the millennium.

Our services also include database (translation memory) maintenance, publication and printing with delivery to a designated point when required.

We have created documentation for consumers, dealers, and workshops in more than 22 languages for large and niche markets.

Visit our Case Studies section for more details.

Translations for the power generation industry
The power generation industry faces many challenges as the world increasingly demands cleaner, more efficient sources of power.

Pangeanic’s staff offers years of technical language consultancy services for leading nuclear centres in the UK, co-generation plants in Spain and Latin America (from installation to commissioning & training technical documentation), solar power manuals, wind power, and other alternative sources sometimes at patent level.

We have worked on-site at technical training sessions, worked out reduction costs for technical documentation and translation… Pangeanic is a company you can trust for technically-innovative technologies and for very large, multi-million installations where specialist knowledge is required.

Translation of User, Operation & Service Manuals
To quote just a number, Pangeanic desktop-published more than 5,000 final pages in 2006, which included user and operation manuals in 24 languages for major household and professional brands all over the world. During 2007, Pangeanic reached 8,000 autoDTP pages in interface with our translation programs, with an average of 600,000 words per month. In 2008, the average was 850,000 words monthly and 1,200 monthly autoDTP pages for publication in 26 languages. The numbers have not but grown since – and all that thanks to technology and techniques that represent considerable savings in our client’s budgets. The more our clients were publishing for the web, in HTML format or printed paper, the cheaper it was becoming for all of them.

Our approach is to let the technology do the hard work. We use software programs and filters that read and extract the text automatically from the template or design, filter it with the design codes using our tools and apply the databases we have collated from previous jobs. Then, our quality translation circle begins and finishes by placing the translated text automatically back into the template. This saves hours of copying and pasting work… only the human touch is required for catalogues, user manuals and multilingual artwork to look perfectly finished.

If your publishing needs are substantial, you will save a lot of time and money with our automated publication approach, whatever the target language you need.