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One of our major clients is a economics and social issues research center on Social and Cooperative Economy and the Third Sector.

Pangeanic runs an account on all external communications for Ciriec, looking after the:

  • Translation of economic reports articles into and out of major European languages for domestic and international publishing;
  • Translation of books on Third Sector development – academic articles from professors on Social Economy across the world.
  • EU-financed economic reports and findings on how the Third Sector impacts the European economy;
  • Publication of a quarterly magazine;
  • Correspondence in foreign languages;
  • Interpreting.

Pangeanic is deeply involved in humanitarian causes, too. It supports a direct action non-governmental organization Malima Project, fully financed by small donors where the small committee members add their time and money to develop education projects in one of the poorest and most deprived areas of Africa, the Extreme North of Cameroon. A new classroom was built thanks to the company’s donations and a call via our blog in 2012 during our visit to the village of Gouria.

Other social actions we are involved in include

  • Support as members of Translators’ Without Borders, an UN-approved initiative
  • Sponsorship of a football match supported by professionals like Spain’s Juan Mata xxxx whose funds are destined to research of rare diseases
  • Donations of computer hardware to local schools
  • Donations to local schools (heating and air conditioning equipment)